Please click above to read our reopening plan.


837 LONGMEADOW STREET | LONGMEADOW | MASSACHUSETTS | 01106 | P 413-565-4290 F 413-238-6126

Center Elementary School’s vision for education is foremost focused on fostering a child-centered environment where our students are responsible and respectful members of their learning community. Students develop a strong sense of self and a desire to contribute to their community in a positive manner. Our vision for academic learning is to nurture highly motivated and independent students who approach learning with enthusiasm, critical thinking, creativity, and perseverance. Inherent in our vision is the guiding principle that all students can learn at high levels; and will reach their full potential through the collaborative efforts of their teachers, families, and school leaders.

"All students, regardless of race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or homelessness, have equal access to the general education program and the full range of any occupational or vocational programs offered by the district."


8:30 AM - 2:45 PM


PLEASE CALL 413-565-4290


8:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Picture Reminder

Posted Oct. 8, 2020

Hello Center School Families,

This is a reminder the school picture days begin next week!

The deadline for orders is Tuesday October 13th.

Thank-you and please reach out to the main office with questions.

Order Your School Photos Here

Picture Day 2020

Posted Oct. 6, 2020

Hello Center School Families,

We are pleased to announce that Sarah Gallagher Studios will be photographing our school pictures this year. The photos will be taken over a period of 5 days between October 14th-20th. Please connect to the link for additional details including the order form and schedule. Please note that Sarah Gallagher will follow all safety guidelines at all times during the photographing. We will not have parent volunteers this school year. Thank-you for respecting and following our protocols. All orders must be received by October 13th.

Please reach out to Mrs. Tyler with any questions.


Donna Hutton, Principal

Center School Picture Day

Important Procedures Cohorts A & B

Posted Sept. 18, 2020

Hello Center Families,

This message provides important procedural information for families who have chosen the hybrid model. Students will begin in person learning next week.

Cohort A: in person Monday and Tuesday

Cohort B: in person Thursday and Friday

Cohort C: fully remote teaching learning commences again on Monday.

Wednesday: fully remote all students

Arrival and Dismissal: Please note that supervision begins at 8:25 am. Students should not arrive on school grounds before this time. Before school play/lingering on the playground is not permitted. The playscape is off limits from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. Students and families are asked to leave school grounds at dismissal-2:45 pm. Play/lingering on the playground area after school is not permissible at this time.


If you are driving your child to school, please follow the carline procedures. Enter the carline on Longmeadow Street -not Williams Street-and travel in the one -way direction to the front of the school. Please pull all the way to the front of the carline before stopping to drop off your child. Your child will exit the car from the passenger side and go directly to the grade level entrance doors. We will not have 5th grade safeties to assist at the start of the year. There will be staff on duty to assist students. Do not drop your child off in the back of the school or on Longfellow Street so as to avoid the carline-this presents a safety hazard for our children and for our community.

Bikers and walkers:

Your child will park bike in the back of the school on the bike rack. No bikes shall be parked near the entrance gate on the playground, which is an emergency exit. Your child will then walk directly to grade level entrance doors to line up. At dismissal, all students will walk bikes around to the front of the school, off pedals, and may ride bikes once past the gymnasium. Students will be supervised by staff as they exit the school and staff will escort them to appropriate spots.

Please take time to talk with your child about safety rules walking and biking to and from school. Reviewing the use of crosswalks, courtesy to walkers, and general safety rules that help keep our wonderful students safe and well will be appreciated.

Entrance and Exit Points:

Kindergarten: Sidewalk leading into the gymnasium located directly in front of the gymnasium

1st grade: Esplanade doors on the gymnasium side of school

2nd grade: Esplanade doors: main building side

3rd grade: Longfellow Street side doors

4th grade: Main entrance

4th grade: Ms. Freitag: Cafeteria doorways: back of the school

5th grade: Cafeteria doorways: back of the school

Families and caretakers need to wait on the tree belt or on the playground to meet bikers and walkers at dismissal. Do not wait on the esplanade as a meeting spot as you will block classes exit. PLEASE be mindful that we are working diligently to minimize congestion at all areas across the school and we need your full partnership to achieve this goal.

Monday arrival and all arrival days are busy. If you are a family who did not drop off important medication on the scheduled day, please contact the nurse to coordinate the drop off as soon as possible. It will be difficult to accommodate you at 8:25 am.

Please remind your child that the lines into the building will be physically distanced. There are red dots painted to mark the spacing. “Spread your cardinal wings” or “airplane arms” are helpful reminders!

Finally, family dismissal plans are important to your child's safety. Please provide your child's teacher with the expected plan and always inform the teacher of any changes should they occur. Students should not change plans on their own, such as leave school with another child/family unless the school is informed of the change. We appreciate if you will reinforce this expectation with your child.

Fresh Picks Lunch Menus: We encourage you to pack your child’s lunch if you are unsure that he/she will enjoy the choices just to ensure that lunch is eaten. Each day is one hot or one cold lunch choice this year.

Please reach out with any questions. Happy Friday to all!


Donna Hutton, Principal

Welcome First Day 2020

Posted Sept. 14, 2020

Good morning Center School Cardinals and Peacebuilders!

Welcome back to a brand-new school year that will be filled with learning and fun. We can’t wait to get started!!

Here’s a fun video from your Center family. The bell tolls in the video and we’ll ring it live at 9:00 am so you might hear it from your home!

Enjoy a wonderful day and know you make us feel brand new!!


Your Center School Family

PS Hope you’ll get up and dance with us!!

Principal's Message First Day 2020

Posted Sept. 13, 2020

Good evening Center School Community,

The eve before the first day of school forever amplifies excitement and anticipation in the life of an educator. So many hopes and dreams abound with a new class...I trust your child may be feeling the same emotions today! Teachers and administrators thoughtfully plan to make each student’s beginning one that will inspire enthusiasm for learning in the year ahead. The positive energy at orientation last week was much needed and proved what we know to be true. Schools are the heart of a child’s world and the heartbeat of a community.

Never has our responsibility to the children in our charge been greater, more challenging, and exciting at the same time. We continue educating your child using the technologies and tools available to reimagine ways to teach children with developmentally appropriate practices. For students in the hybrid plan, the synchronous/remote teaching/learning will be three days weekly and for Cohort C students, each day. Know that whether your child will be in person or fully remote, we are one community; and we’ll continually strive for inclusiveness.

As a school community, we go about our work embracing a deep gratitude that we have the capabilities to realize this model. We understand the daunting challenges that face our distant colleagues in some schools across our state and country, challenges that we have the resources to surmount. Kudos to our IT team led by Nick Jorge for their remarkable accomplishments.

So, we begin the 2020-2021 school year with a promise to continue to put forth our greatest efforts and resourcefulness as we travel this extraordinary journey with you. The educators are well-prepared to do what they do best-take care of the children in their charge. Some lessons and practices may be imperfect at times, but the care for children always takes precedence in our day to day school world. I am immensely proud of the dedicated work of our staff to get the reopening plan to an optimal level. I’m also proud of their collective desire for ongoing learning, which is necessary even as we settle into our routines.

We ask for your partnership and your promise to help us grow and enhance our culture of shared responsibility for each child’s education and well-being. The African proverb, it takes a village to raise a child , takes on great importance. We will continually ask this from you with humility, knowing the multitude of challenges faced by our families during these unprecedented times.

You can expect an email from me in the morning at 8:35 am with a link to a short video to start Center’s first day. We felt the need to create a shared experience as is our tradition on the first day, and we hope you enjoy our moments of unburdened fun. I think you’ll sense the excitement from the staff!! In addition, please accept the video as encouragement from your Center family to create many freeing family moments to sustain you through the events that are shaping our lives that at times leave us reeling.

We wish our students an awesome first day and week filled with wonder and enthusiasm. May this be a year of tremendous growth for all...To parents, caretakers, and all who will be a part of our “village”, keep your hopes high, practice patience, take care of yourselves as you care for so many others, and seek your inspiration from your child’s joyful spirit and often uncomplicated view of life.

Our students will sustain our spirits and our hopes and dreams no matter what evolves this school year. Thank-you for your trust and for the privilege of working with your child.

Rest well this evening knowing your child is in caring hands.

Respectfully yours,

Donna Hutton, Principal

Important Message form the Health Office

Posted Sept. 11, 2020

Dear Center School Families,

If your child currently takes any prescribed daily medications or emergency medications such as epi-pens or inhalers, we kindly ask that you bring them to school next week in order to have them in the health office for the start of in-person attendance on September 21st.

The nurse is available to accept medications under the tent in front of school on Thursday, September 17th from 9am - 12 noon.

Please mark your calendar and be sure to contact the school on Monday after 9:00 am with questions.


Erin Spear, School Nurse

Reminders Orientation this Week!

Posted Sept. 9, 2020

Good morning Center School Families!

Here’s some orientation reminders for this week:

Your child may bring a backpack to carry the Chromebook and other materials teachers may distribute.

Teachers will greet families and students at designated areas:

Kinder: basketball court on the playground in the back of the school

1st grade: doors on the left side of the esplanade, gymnasium side

2nd grade: doors on the right side of the esplanade, main building side

3rd grade: Longfellow Street: doors on the side of the main building

4th grade: main entrance

5th: cafeteria doors in the back of the school

Families A-G: Wednesday, September 9th k,1,2 9:00 am to 10:30 am

3, 4, 5 1:00 pm -2:30 pm

Families H-R: Thursday, September 10th k,1,2 9:00 am to 10:30 am

3, 4, 5 1:00 pm -2:30 pm

Families S-Z: Friday September 11th k,1,2 9:00 am to 10:30 am

3, 4, 5 1:00 pm -2:30 pm

Families and caretakers meet and greet the teachers, say goodbyes, and then students enter the building and go to the classrooms with teachers.

Students line up physically distanced to enter building.

All participants-parents, caretakers, staff, students must wear masks for the duration of the orientation and at all times on the school campus.

If children are reluctant to leave parent/caretaker, know we will adhere to only children in the building. Please talk with your child and discuss this expectation.

No food or drinks will be allowed during the visit.

Please meet your child at dismissal time where they entered the building. Thank-you for meeting your child promptly at the end of the orientation!

If you are registered for Cohort C, did not pick up your child’s device and will not be attending orientation, please reach out to your child’s teacher to plan a pick-up of materials.

Kind regards,

Donna Hutton, Principal

Reminder: Class Lists

Posted Sept. 3, 2020

Good morning Center School Families,

Just a reminder for new families with students in all grades and families with kindergarten children that you will receive an email on Friday, September 4th, by 3:00 p.m. with your child's teacher assignment.

For those returning families, you will access your PowerSchool Parent Portal account to obtain this information after 3:00 Friday afternoon.

If you have medication drop off for your child, arrangements will be made with you by the school nurse the week of September 14th. She will contact you via email to coordinate.

Have a wonderful day...countdown begins to the first day!


Donna Hutton, Principal


Posted August 31, 2020

Good evening Center School Families,

These are truly extraordinary times and your school family is working together to achieve the very best experiences for our students and families this school year. Our partnership with you has never been more needed and appreciated, so on behalf of our staff I convey our deep gratitude as we approach our new beginnings. We’re excited and looking forward to welcoming you back to Center at our orientation. We anticipate extending a warm welcome to new families in our community too!

Note that you will receive your child’s teacher placement on Friday by logging into the Power School Parent Portal. If you are a new family, we will contact you with your child’s teacher placement on Friday via email. Also, kindergarten families will receive a welcome message from teachers through email.

As we move closer to our reopening, we will continually emphasize the importance of our shared responsibility for the well-being and safety of our school community. We trust you will adhere to the protocols and partner with us as we model for our children the expectations in place for each routine and protocol in their school world.

To begin to realize this shared promise, here are the protocols for orientation:

  1. Families will meet teacher teams at designated areas on school grounds. The entrance will be the planned entrance where the students enter and exit each day when in- person schooling begins.

  2. Here are your assigned areas:

Kindergarten: Sidewalk leading into the gymnasium in the front of the gymnasium.

1st grade: Esplanade doors on the gymnasium side of school

2nd grade: Esplanade doors: main building side

3rd grade: Longfellow Street side doors

4th grade: Main entrance

5th grade: Cafeteria doorways

  1. Cones will be placed near the area to show students where to line up physically distanced.

  2. All participants-parents, caretakers, staff, students will wear masks for the duration of the orientation and at all times on the school campus.

  3. Families and caretakers meet and greet the teachers, say goodbye, and then students enter the building and go to the classroom with teachers.

  4. Parents/caretakers will meet and pick up children at the same area that they said their good-byes at the ending time of the orientation.

  5. If children are reluctant to leave parent/caretaker, know we will adhere to only children in the building. Please talk with your child and discuss this expectation.

  6. No food or drinks will be allowed during the visit.

Families A-G: Wednesday, September 9th k,1,2 9:00 am to 10:30 am

3, 4, 5 1:00 pm -2:30 pm

Families H-R: Thursday, September 10th k,1,2 9:00 am to 10:30 am

3, 4, 5 1:00 pm -2:30 pm

Families S-Z: Friday September 11th k,1,2 9:00 am to 10:30 am

3, 4, 5 1:00 pm -2:30 pm

Additional Information:

  1. CHROME BOOKS for students in grades 1-5 and iPads to our kinder children will be distributed at the orientation only to students who did not receive one in the spring.

  2. Teachers will provide families with a daily schedule and all the pertinent information needed to more fully understand the learning plans in action before we begin September 14th

  3. Daily schedules at each level will be consistent and predictable therefore you will know when your child needs to be logged in for a synchronous lesson. Note that hybrid remote days and fully remote days for students hold no expectation for a child/teacher to be synchronously connected all day-six + hours . Essential components of the lessons will be synchronous; and support after the synchronous lesson will take many forms including breakout sessions, asynchronous lessons; and certainly, time for your child to work on tasks away from the screen. Again, this will be more clearly outlined and understood once we begin, you receive more communication from teachers, and you have your child’s schedule in hand.

  4. If you cannot attend the orientation, please wait to contact your child’s teacher on Friday.

Please revisit the Center School Reopening Plan for additional information. Center School Reopening Plan

Families whose Children are registered for Cohort C (Fully Remote Plan)

If your child is registered in Cohort C and you choose to forego the in-person orientation, you may pick up your child’s device and other classroom materials on Tuesday, September 8th. We’ll be set up in the tent in the front of the school for distribution. Here’s the alphabetical break down by family name for pick up:

A-G 10:00-10:30

H-R 10:30-11:00

S-Z 11:00-11:30

Know that our teachers are organizing classrooms and finding creative ways to make things look wonderfully engaging and will be heartwarming to be with everyone again in person and remotely. Be well, keep your hopeful spirits and please reach out with questions.

Respectfully yours,

Donna Hutton, Principal

Center School Reopening Plan

Posted August 21, 2020

Good afternoon Center School Families,

Here is the link to the Center School Reopening Plan.

Center Reopening Plan

The plan provides information regarding guiding principles, learning expectations, logistics, safety information, etc. as it applies to the 2020-2021 school-year. Information will continue to evolve and this will be a living document, subject to updates.

The plan will be posted on our school website as well. More detailed information will also be sent out to students and families about topics such as orientation, class lists, etc. This document will help us all begin to understand school in this unique year ahead.

Thank- you for your patience and partnership as we anticipate the beginning of our school year. We look forward to welcoming our students back to school!

Yours in partnership,

Donna Hutton, Principal

IMPORTANT: Registering Students for Cohorts

Posted August 21, 2020

Good Friday morning Center School Families,

Please take a moment when you receive this message, if you have not already done so, to complete the registration for the learning program you are choosing for your child. We are anticipating the ability to develop class lists and provide other pertinent information to you by September 4th but we need your registration.

By Monday, August 24th at 9:00 p.m. K-12 LPS child(ren) must be "registered" by parents/caregivers for a learning program using this form (detailed information included in the form): IF you completed the form, it does not have to be completed again, thanks!

Learning Program Registration for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

If you sent me a separate email or left a voicemail with your choice, it is critical that you also complete the form. The form is necessary. I appreciate your help with the important work we need to complete/finalize after we receive this information.


Donna Hutton, Principal

Reopening Plans

Posted August 18, 2020

Good afternoon Center School Families,

I hope that you have enjoyed the leisure of the summertime... It is certainly a season that brings us rejuvenation for ourselves and for our families.

Throughout this summer, administration has met with groups of educators, a Reopening Task Force (composed of parents, staff, administration and town personnel), School Committee, individual parents, and our colleagues to address safety, academic, and social and emotional issues. We trust that the reopening of Center School will be robust because of the collective efforts of a caring and intelligent community focused on children.

I extend my deep gratitude for your patience as we worked to develop plans for a much- anticipated return to our school.

Here are some important dates and information as we approach the beginning of the school year. September 4th- Families will log into the Parent Portal through PowerSchool to see your child’s classroom assignment for the upcoming school year. Kindergarten students will receive their class placement on or around September 4th via email or through the USPS.

September 9th, 10th, 11th- Welcome Back to Center and Orientation: Teachers will meet and greet students and families in small groups. Stay tuned for your assigned day, time and format for the orientation sessions.

September 14th- First Day of School: fully remote all grades

September 21st - First Day of “In Person” School for Cohort A : Cohort A: Last names beginning with letter A through LaP******. Cohort A students come to school in person Monday and Tuesday; fully remote on Wednesdays,Thursdays, and Fridays.

September 24th- First Day of “In Person” School for Cohort B: Cohort B Last names beginning with letter LaR**** through Z. Cohort B students come to school in person Thursday and Friday; fully remote on Mondays,Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

Cohort C: Students who have opted out of “in person” learning are remote Monday through Friday. Families will receive their teacher assignment on September 4th and then a schedule with all other "cohorted" students after September 4th and before September 14th.

Please note that I have received many requests to change cohorts due to family circumstances. At this time, we are not in a position to honor any request to change cohorts. The cohorts have been formed in an effort to balance class size safely, and meet students’ academic and social needs.

Supply lists have been posted to the grade level teachers’ websites found on the school website page. Each grade level teacher is asking for the same supplies, so you can visit any one of the teachers to see your child’s list.

The Center School Reopening Plan will be posted on our school website later this week. The reopening plan will include detailed arrival and dismissal procedures, technology information, student orientation information, social emotional learning support, food services, and other pertinent information that has been thoughtfully developed over the past several months. We will continue to reflect, update, and refine this information as needed for the safety of all members of our community.

Please reach out to me with any questions or to share your insights. As always, I believe our best work for children and for our school community is accomplished with a collaborative and solution building mindset.

I look forward to seeing everyone soon. Heartfelt wishes that this message finds you healthy and strong with hopeful spirits. Enjoy this lovely day.

Respectfully yours,

Donna Hutton, Principal

June 19th, 2020

Dear Center School Community,

The parade was wonderful and the staff is filled with happiness that we were able to give our students a fun send off for the summer. We'll share the pictures on the school website soon. We’re overwhelmed with gratitude for the creativity, resiliency, and spirit of community among our school family that shined brightly this year. Teachers reflect that “together apart” takes on poignant meaning as they/I have connected with children and families in ways undreamed-of since March 13th.

And our students...they continue to inspire and drive us to realize the very best of ourselves as educators and as the consequential people in children’s lives. Whatever the complicated times ahead might bring, we promise to keep evolving and growing. We’ll turn all that we’ve been through into wisdom to build solutions for the trajectory education may take in the coming year. With humility, we ask for your continued trust, partnership, and perhaps more than anything, shared hope for the best in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Enjoy the last day of the 2019-2020 school year with all the fun happenings in our classrooms. To all the families who have sent the most beautiful messages my way, please know I’m working on sending each one of you my heartfelt appreciation.

Please check in for communications from the district and from Center throughout the summer months. Class placements will be ongoing as our circumstances evolve; and please know that if you have sent teachers and/or me feedback, it will be thoughtfully considered. Plan on all the information you need to be provided in a timely manner before we begin anew in August. Report cards are in the mail. If your child is on an IEP, progress reports will be mailed separately from the report card.

Now let’s savor some much- needed offline time! Thank-you for keeping your child reading and for all the opportunities you will provide for experiential learning. Summers are for family and friends and I hope yours will be fun, safe, and memorable.

Please reach out to me with thoughts and questions throughout the summer. Email is the best way to reach me. I will be onsite at Center, but our front office is not available until August.

Take good care. Be well. Congratulations and deep appreciation to all....I knew we could do this...

Respectfully yours,

Donna Hutton, Principal

Countdown to the Finish Line 2020

Hello Center School Families,

It’s been challenging but fun to keep up with all the exciting happenings across each grade level for the past two weeks! I’m touched by all the ways that our teachers and families are finding to bring the end-of-year celebrations to our students. I hope your child is excited for summer days and the summer weeks ahead; and I hope that the celebrations bring lots of joy.

Just a reminder to take advantage of a consultation with Ms. Vigna for your child’s summer reading. Detailed information can be found at Summer Reading Resources. Students have been involved with lessons to prepare for their best summer reading!! Thank-you for your important support and partnership to keep reading momentum strong!

Center's tradition of a 4th grade musical production is a favorite among students, staff, and families. Bravo to our 4th grade teachers, Mrs. Morrisey, and our talented students for their production of The Show Must Go Online, because of course, remote learning will not stop this spirited group from moving ahead with a production! The online show was a time intensive effort and students are enjoying seeing the display of talents in 4th grade. Enjoy the show if you haven’t yet seen it!

Our awesome 5th graders celebrated the completion of their elementary school years on Friday-their “step up” day. Here’s their video graduation celebration. Center School 5th Grade Class of 2020 We LOVED going door to door to deliver their certificates! The step- up parade will be one of our many treasured moments to remember about this cohort. They will be missed.

We look forward to seeing you Thursday morning for the reverse parade! The start time is 9:30 am. Here’s a reminder of the procedure:

  1. Families, please form a one-way carline beginning at the corner of Longfellow. We’ll wave you forward at the start of the parade ! You'll hear the bell toll at the start of the parade as well, to signal the end of the school year and the beginning of summer break!

  2. Families will follow the one-way carline route-the route that's our regular drop off procedure- heading to Williams Street.

  3. Please remain in a single carline.

  4. Students may not exit cars at any time when they pass the staff and the school.

  5. Families will travel at a very slow speed throughout the route.

  6. Please, one family per vehicle!

Enjoy this prelude to summer days.


Donna Hutton, Principal

Reverse Parade at Center!

Posted June 7, 2020

We invite you to Center School’s Reverse Parade!

Your Center Family would love to see our students and families to wish you a happy summer!

Center Staff will stand along the tree belt in front of our school!

When: Thursday, June 18th 9:30 am

Rain Date: Friday, June 19th 9:30 am


  1. Families, please form a one-way carline beginning at the corner of Longfellow. We’ll wave you forward at the start of the parade ! You'll hear the bell toll at the start of the parade as well, to signal the end of the school year and the beginning of summer break!

  2. Families will follow the one-way carline route-the route that's our regular drop off procedure- heading to Williams Street.

  3. Please remain in a single carline.

  4. Students may not exit cars at any time when they pass the staff and the school.

  5. Families will travel at a very slow speed throughout the route.

  6. Please, one family per vehicle!

  7. We’re soooo excited to see you in person !!!!

Please reach out to me with any questions!

Warm regards,

Donna Hutton, Principal

Three Updates from LPS

Posted June 5, 2020

Good Afternoon LPS Families,

I am writing this afternoon with some information on the re-opening of LPS schools and the 2020-2021 school year budget. You might also be interested in the links to the LHS AP art show at the end of this email.

School Reopening - The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has announced that communities will receive prescriptive school re-opening guidance during the week of June 15. I hold out hope that we will have a traditional opening, but I anticipate that we will be expected to follow a hybrid model, with some schooling being provided remotely and some provided in-person. I also anticipate that students will attend on a rotation, with only half the student body attending at anytime. LPS has developed a large, multi-disciplinary Reopening Advisory Task Force with parent/caregiver representation coming from the Parent Curriculum Advisory Council. Students, teachers, town officials, the LPS School Committee and LPS administrators are also represented. Until we are in a position to post the roster, you can email the group your thoughts or feedback at this address: As I have said on other occasions, the LPS community can expect that remote learning plans, should they be necessary, will be more robust next year and will feature clearer time on teaching and learning requirements, and more live interaction. We will also move toward greater learning platform standardization. Other preparations are underway. Professional development focused on the tools and pedagogy of remote learning is being planned. We are also working closely with town officials to secure and purchase health and safety supplies including, but not limited to, hand sanitizing dispensers and electro-static sprayers. Chromebooks will be also made available to all students in grades 1-12.

20-21 School Year Budget - Revised revenue projections announced by the town of Longmeadow recently required the LPS School Committee to revisit the fiscal year 2021 budget. To respond responsibly to these revised projections, LPS needed to identify $350,000 in savings and expenditure reductions on what was a $38,107,246 budget. I have attached the slide deck showing the administrative recommendations that were presented to and approved by the School Committee on Tuesday evening. You will see that the expenditure reductions prioritized health and safety, current levels of direct service and class size. The reductions do, however, mean that the plan to modestly increase elementary library staffing will not be implemented and also that a new career education position at LHS will be implemented mid-year, rather than in September. With the revised budget we were able to protect staffing levels to address 3rd grade class size at Center School and Blueberry Hill and 7th grade at Williams. I should cautiously note that the budget picture is never entirely settled. Staffing requirements and operational costs for next year will become clearer after we sort through the re-opening guidance described above. Additionally, state and federal grant revenue will not be fully known until later this summer. If the situation evolves, I will keep you informed.

LHS Advanced Placement Art Show - For your enjoyment I am pleased to provide you with links below to a 2d and 3d exhibit showcasing outstanding artwork created by LHS senior art students in the Advanced Placement Art & Design courses at Longmeadow High School. The exhibit is a strong testament to the art education students receive in grades Pk-12!

AP students work with diverse ideas, materials, and processes to create their art and these portfolios exemplify the rigor, commitment, and accomplishment that AP Art students can achieve, even while working remotely! Thank you to AP Art Teachers Hilary Godin and Mariel Gross for inspiring these talented artists.

My best wishes to all for an enjoyable weekend!


Marty O'Shea

Friday Shine a Light on Specials

Posted June 5, 2020

Happy Shine a Light on Specials Friday!

Here’s your link to the website and don’t forget to pop into scheduled grade level zoom meetings with our Specials’ teachers extraordinaire! Specials

For a Friday pick me up, here’s the link to the Cardinal Challenge Yourself Day Highlight video. Highlights Cardinal Challenge Yourself Day! 2020 Thanks to Mrs. Capotosto for compiling your highlights!

Great job Team Center School!

Have a good day at a time.

Donna Hutton, Principal

June 1st: Important Curriculum Message

Good Monday evening Center Families,

Friday is Shine a Light on Specials ! Your child will visit the Specials! website throughout the day and focus remote learning on one or more activity from each teacher: Art, Music, PE, Library/Media, and Technology Integration. Students will receive zoom invites from special teachers as well!

SUMMER READING: Please take time this week to focus with your child on preparing for summer reading! Classroom teachers have sent information to families; and lessons from this important unit will take place in the coming days. Literacy coach, Ms. Vigna has developed an exceptional program that includes everything your child and your family needs for a successful summer filled with reading. Intro for Readers and Caregivers Visit Ms. Vigna’s page for Summer Reading Info Sessions These resources are invaluable and worth setting aside the time to delve into before your summer begins. You may even set up consultation time with Ms. Vigna to develop a custom reading list based on your child’s interest! I hope you will explore this program, partnering with your Center educators to help children keep on the path to reading and learning success throughout our break.

Thank-you for the pictures and videos from Friday’s Challenge Day ! Mrs. Gauthier and Mrs. Capotosto are compiling everything to share. Awesome day! Here’s the Challenge Yourself Day video if your child didn’t have the opportunity to try out some of the fun!

Heading to the finish line of the 2019-20 school year...I know you are ready for the promise of some rest from remote learning. We thank you for keeping your child engaged and for hanging in there in the days ahead as teachers still want to take full advantage of every minute with your child before the 19th.

Be well...


Donna Hutton, Principal

Hello Center School Cardinals and Champions!

Posted May 28, 2020

We hope you get a restful night’s sleep and take on some awesome challenges tomorrow! Friday is Challenge Yourself Day !

Here’s the link for you: Center School Challenge Yourself Day

Please send pictures or short videos to Mrs. Gauthier, Mrs. Capotosto, your teacher, and/or Mrs. Hutton so we can share in the fun.

Looks like a pretty nice day tomorrow...maybe you can plan a picnic lunch like we have on field day right in your own backyards!

Take care my friends and enjoy your Friday!


Your Center Family

CARDINALS' “Challenge Yourself” Day!

Posted May 26th

On Friday, May 29th students will take a break from their remote learning routine for a variety of challenges that will test them both physically and mentally.

Mrs. Gauthier and Mrs. Capotosto created challenges for students at each grade level. Get ready to have some Center School fun! The video will be sent to families via School Messenger before Friday!

Here’s some equipment/supplies that will be helpful.

Not a problem if you don’t have all the items listed below. The items in parenthesis are suggestions that could be used as well.

  1. A timer (phone, computer or stopwatch)

  2. 1 to 3 Balloons (tissue paper or plastic bags)

  3. A variety of balls/different sizes (stuffed animals or balled up socks)

  4. A beanbag (balled up socks)

  5. A hula-hoop (laundry basket)

  6. A soccer ball (a ball that can be used to dribble with your feet)

  7. A jump rope (an imaginary rope)

  8. Cones (items that can be used to represent cones)

  9. A tennis racket (your hand)

Reach out to Mrs. Gauthier and Mrs. Capotosto with any questions!

Return of Library Books

Posted May 21, 2020

Hello Families!

It's a beautiful day today and the same weather is forecast for tomorrow! If you want to swing by the school with library books, we placed a return box right outside the front entrance door. Thank-you! And, you'll be able to see the stunning signs celebrating our LHS seniors on the green! It's special to walk the line and see their beautiful faces!

Best to all,

Donna Hutton, Principal

LPS Update

Posted May 19, 2020

Good Morning LPS Community,

I have three quick items for you this morning

Superintendent Broadcast: I am preparing a video broadcast to update the Longmeadow Community on number of topics including the school budget for the 20-21 academic year, the LHS graduation, current year remote learning plans and some initial thoughts on recovery and reopening. I would like the address to be reflective of your concerns and questions. The Google Form linked here can be used to submit your questions. The form will not collect names or email addresses. Please submit your questions by Wednesday afternoon.

Music for our souls: This Thursday at 7 pm, LCTV will air this year's final Longmeadow High concert on all its television channels, as well as its YouTube channel. The evening will include several virtual ensemble performances, some feature solos by some LHS seniors, and a special tribute to the music department's graduating class. Please tune in!

Digital Citizenship: I am passing along a valuable and timely resource from the Longmeadow Parent Digital Citizenship Coalition. The flyer pictured below might help you thoughtfully engage your child(ren) in an important conversation about on-line digital safety.


Marty O'Shea

Superintendent of Schools

May 18th, 2020

Hello Center School Community,

There’s lots of learning continuing and amazing activities happening across grade levels in the coming weeks so let’s keep engaged and connected!!

Ms. Gauthier and Mrs. Capotosto are excited to announce:


They’ve created challenges for students at each grade level! On Friday, May 29th students will take a break from their routine remote learning for a variety of challenges that will test them both physically and mentally. Get ready to have some fun!! More details coming your way next week!

Saturday many of us were reminded to continue to look for inspiration in our community, and it happened when most needed. Mrs. Serafino and Mrs. Erricolo ran their first 26.2-mile marathon across town with some double loops past many of your homes where cheering teachers, families, and students lined the route! It was incredible to see...I even chatted with curious townspeople at the finish line who joined us to celebrate! We all need these joyful moments... Here’s a video capturing just some of our Cardinal spirit and the determination of two special ladies! I’ll gradually put together more of the many pictures and videos for everyone to enjoy. Marathon '20, Marathon '20

Finally, if you were unable to pick up your child’s belongings because of your circumstances, please contact me via email before Friday.

Have a good day and hope you find your inspiration in big and small ways throughout the week.


Donna Hutton, Principal

May 15, 2020

Dear Center Families,

It’s very still at Center now on this lovely afternoon...This was a week and certainly a day fraught with strong feelings. For our teachers, packing the students’ belongings was beyond difficult especially seeing classrooms frozen in time since March. And closing a classroom usually comes before the start of summer with anticipation and excitement... For parents and caretakers who came for your child’s bag filled with belongings-I wish I could have somehow found a way to make it feel less strange and emotional.

I heard from parents an ongoing incredulousness at our circumstance. The quietness and the tears as you moved in and out of the school, waving or saying hello was heart wrenching... So many stories of what this day may have meant to you.

To our 5th grade families...if your child is the last student in your family to journey with us or your only child, I promise we will find a time to physically gather with you at Center to say a real good-bye and a heartfelt thank-you- I don’t know when or how but we will gather! If we’ve learned one thing from this moment it’s how much loss we feel for the experiences in our lives that later become our treasured memories. So together we’ll use that wisdom and look forward to creating the opportunity.

I do hope when all our students unpacked bags, they found comfort and joy in the familiar. I heard from some families that it was like a birthday or holiday gift, which made me smile! Kids are so resilient and in these times with no guarantees, that reality gives me strength and hope on the most difficult of days.

Once again I say to everyone, hang in there...lean on your school family if we can help in any way to ease any complexities in the days and weeks ahead. I know we’ll continue to celebrate the creative and extraordinary ways our community is coping with our new everyday lives. Thank-you for the gift of our school community. I welcome any outreach from you if I can return the gift.

With hope and partnership,

Donna Hutton, Principal

Important for Tomorrow's Pick-up!!

Posted May 14, 2020

Hello Center School Families,

Just a couple important reminders and requests when you pick up items tomorrow:

  1. Place library books inside the wooden bin at the main entrance on your way into the building.

  2. If you are returning classroom books, please place them directly outside your child’s classroom. Please place a "post it" on books with your child’s name or place a piece of paper inside the book with your child’s name so teachers can track returns. Kinder families, place the books on a table in the classroom.

  3. The Lost and Found rack is in the entry way for you to check for items.

  4. Nurse Autumn will be here tomorrow for families to pick up any medications or EpiPen’s. She may not be available again for some time, and a nurse must sign off so please contact her for coordination.

Here is the schedule of times for pick up by your family’s last name:

  • A-F (9am-10am)

  • G-L (10am-11am)

  • M-R (11am-12pm)

  • S-Z (12pm-1pm)

Please contact me with any questions. Enjoy the beautiful sunshine today!


Donna Hutton, Principal

Important! Pick-up of Belongings!

Posted May 12, 2020

Dear Center School Families,

We will provide an opportunity for you to retrieve your child’s belongings this Friday, May 15, 2020. For families who also need to obtain medication from school, Nurse Autumn will be available. Please contact the nurse via email if you will be picking up medication and she will provide specific information and protocol regarding the pick-up. It’s critical that you take advantage of the medication pick up this Friday because a nurse must be present. Please do not visit the nurse’s office for other issues.

Here is the schedule of times for pick up by your family’s last name:

  • A-F (9am-10am)

  • G-L (10am-11am)

  • M-R (11am-12pm)

  • S-Z (12pm-1pm)

Important guidelines:

  1. Adults only may enter the building at assigned time.

  2. Masks must be worn when entering and throughout the time in the school building. According to CDC guidelines, the best way to protect yourself from germs when running errands and after going out is to regularly wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

  3. Enter through the main doors and go directly to your child’s locker/cubby.

  4. Please do not linger or congregate in the building.

  5. All your child's personal items are bagged and placed inside or in front of your child’s cubby or locker with the name clearly visible. With the exception of kindergarten, where cubbies are in the classroom, you will not enter the classroom. Classrooms will be locked, as will bathrooms.

  6. Exit the building through the nearest exit. You do not have to travel back through the building to the main doors if the classroom is close to an exit.

  7. If you have been recently tested for Covid-19, are experiencing any flu-like symptoms or are ill in any way, please do not come into the school.

  8. We need you to know that items that are not retrieved will not be stored and will need to be discarded or donated.

  9. You may return library books. Leave the library books in the boxes placed inside the main entrance.

We thank our teachers for their work to organize their students' belongings. We greatly appreciate their efforts. As I expected, it was a task fraught with emotions...

Please reach out with any questions.


Donna Hutton, Principal

Mother's Day Read Aloud

Posted May 10, 2020

Good Sunday evening Center School Families,

I hope you found special ways to celebrate moms today. Here is your bedtime story read by Mrs. Glading You Made Me a Mother !

Reminder that the Center School Bedtime Read Alouds are archived so you can listen to favorites again and again!

Enjoy a peaceful evening.

Donna Hutton, Principal

Happy Friday!

Posted May 8, 2020

Good Friday morning Center School Families,

Thank-you for the thoughtful ways you celebrated our staff this week...videos, parades, letters, pictures, chalk art...endless gifts from your hearts to express your gratitude. It feels like intentionally taking the time to send a word of encouragement or appreciation is especially meaningful during this time of upside-down life.

We developed a plan for teachers to come into the school building this week and next to organize your child’s belongings and gather needed resources for the six weeks ahead. We’ll plan time for families to gather left items at dates to be determined.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in our community and to all the women in our lives who inspire and support us!

Finally, I’m inspired to share our Center School Song- feeling our school spirit! Your partnership and advocacy continues to press us forth and keep us strong...

Be well.

Respectfully yours,

Donna Hutton, Principal

Voluntary Social Gatherings for Students!

Posted May 6, 2020

Dear Center School Families,

With the extension of the school closure and the potential desire for some additional fun school connections, we would like to offer a weekly 30 -minute virtual social gathering facilitated by a Center School staff member for your child with his/her class. This gathering will strictly have a “social” focus!!

The gathering will be scheduled through Zoom. Please see the attached document with your child’s classroom day, time, meeting ID, and password for you to join. Kindly let us know if you need the phone number for the dial-in option. We will begin the schedule starting with the Thursday groups this week.

The facilitators will prepare activities and/or conversation starters to engage the group. Activities may include Scavenger Hunts, I Spy, Charades, Peaks and Valleys Conversation, etc. Almost like a virtual indoor recess!

Most of our students are now familiar with the virtual platforms being used through remote learning and students are growing their understanding of the “etiquette” needed for the platforms. As always, we have confidence that our students will demonstrate appropriate behavior while engaging with the group. The students should “mute” as they are admitted into the gathering. It will be helpful if students stay on mute when they log-in so the facilitator can introduce the activity quickly and allow the students plenty of time to interact and enjoy the fun!

There is no need to let your classroom teacher know if your child is attending or not. Participation is completely voluntary on a weekly basis. If you have specific questions about the gatherings, please e-mail Juliet Keenan at We are looking forward to “seeing” you soon!


Center School Social Gathering Facilitators

Virtual Social Gatherings Schedule.pdf

Important Information: Report Cards

May 5, 2020

Dear Blueberry, Center, and Wolf Swamp Road Families:

As you know, our elementary educators are committed to standards-based teaching, learning and assessment. Your child’s progress is determined by an ability to independently and consistently demonstrate the standards in multiple ways across curriculum areas. Students are also given many opportunities to demonstrate learning and to receive ongoing teacher feedback on their efforts, a component that is at the heart of standards-based work.

With remote teaching and learning, there is a continued commitment to standards-based teaching and learning with a lens on the Department of Secondary and Elementary (DESE) content standards, as well as more finely tuned essential learning content standards at each grade level. Assessment of remote learning involves “check-ins” and varied formative assessments to provide both academic and social-emotional support. Teachers will continue to provide this feedback on the learning opportunities that closely align with content standards, learning opportunities that you and your child now know as “must do’s”. That stated, the end-of-the-year report card that will be issued will not assess whether your child has met standards during this remote learning period.

Teacher/student interactions that are so much a part of your child’s learning are also vital to assessing progress in both a reliable and valid manner. We simply cannot fully replicate all that occurs in the classroom through remote learning. Therefore, your child’s progress up to March 13th will serve as the baseline for progress on the end-of-year reporting. Importantly, this “baseline” will inform our work with your child for the upcoming year.

When our schools physically open, teachers will work with each child to complete the assessments of progress towards the prerequisite standards. There should be no worry regarding “regression”. Our unprecedented circumstance compels us to commit to “course correct” as needed to meet individual learning needs when we return to school.

The report card will include an indicator of your child’s overall efforts on teacher assigned work during the closure period and will additionally help inform our work when we return. The indicators for teacher developed lessons/activities are as follows:

  • Progressing: Student participated in lessons/activities and demonstrated progression of skills during the remote learning period.

  • Emerging: Student participated in lessons/activities, but not with consistent engagement during the remote learning period.

  • Indicator not determined: Student did not participate in lessons/activities during the remote learning period.

Teachers can be available for a fifteen-minute scheduled conference before June 1st if you would like to discuss your child’s progress as of March 13th. If you choose to schedule a conference, the teacher will share information that would have been shared had conferences taken place. Please reach out to your child’s teacher (s) to request a conference and a time will be provided to accommodate schedules.

We continue to appreciate your partnership and your efforts to support your child’s learning. Please reach out with questions regarding the report card or as always, any issue that we can be of assistance.


Donna Hutton, Principal

Amy Stec, Principal

Elizabeth Nelson, Principal

Teacher Appreciation 2020

“Work is love made visible.”

May 3rd, 2020

Dear Center School Community,

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Hooray to our teachers!! Attached is a Teacher Appreciation Video I created that serves as a “shout out” to our teachers and our entire staff for their extraordinary work. (I so wanted to reach out to Mrs. Giuggio for her expertise; and hope she appreciates my novice attempt here!!!) The video is my humble effort to capture my deep gratitude for our teachers’ work with children.

There are so many roles that everyone is trying to balance these days, and I see our staff accomplish the balancing act with selflessness and dedication. And they work tirelessly with a new resourcefulness unimagined 8 weeks ago... Incredibly impressive and yet true to the people I have grown to know.

I believe one of the strongest traits that our staff exemplifies is humility. Humility allows them to appreciate that they will always have much to learn. Their collaboration and collegiality leads us to shared successes. I consistently see them share their talents and discoveries with each other with generosity and grace and stretch themselves to grow. Humility is at the heart of our work at Center and critical to this moment.

I am appreciative and proud to be Principal of this amazing community.

Thank-you to our teachers, our staff, and all the members of our community who make Center special.

Good job!

Respectfully yours,

Donna Hutton, Principal

My appreciation to the families and students who helped me with pictures for the video. To our entire community, please know these beautiful children represent all our students, just as the staff included represent all our colleagues.

Poem in Your Pocket Day

Posted May 1, 2020

To wrap up National Poetry Month, this week we celebrated Poem In Your Pocket Day - we choose a favorite poem, write it down and keep it in our pockets all day so we can easily share. Here are two Center Cardinals sharing their favorite poems with you!
Poem In Your Pocket Day!.mov

April 26th Read Aloud

Good Sunday evening Center School Families,

Quick preview of choices for the week ahead...

Here's tonight's read aloud from Mrs. Palazzi:

Looking for some PE fun? Target math fitness is a great choice this week!!

Music -second grade echo song but fun for all!!

Take a technology tour of this week's activities with Mrs. Giuggio:

And don't forget your creative spirit with some awesome art activities!

Week seven mantra...breathe...

Be is closed but our hearts and minds are open and here for you.

Donna Hutton, Principal

Reflection April 24th, 2020

Dear Center School Families and Staff,

During any school year, spring is the start of anticipation and planning for many happenings. We anticipate students to be well settled into their routines, but begin to show eagerness and readiness for approaching transitions. We plan celebrations of learning and growth, field trips, step-up’s, and our favorite orientation to welcome our incoming kindergarteners and fledgling Cardinals. There’s always so much left to do in April right through June because teachers never feel there is enough time to accomplish all there is to accomplish with their students. Yet now is the time when there’s also a sense of wonder and gratification at how much children have grown...

So many predictable and familiar rituals mark the seasons of any school year and bring us a sense of security. Consequently, it was an intensely sad moment for so many when Governor Baker announced the inevitable news that we would not return to school this year. My mind flashed to a million different things at once but what overwhelmed me was remembering a picture sent to me by Lily, a 5th grader, where she was holding up a calendar with her hopeful countdown to normalcy with the heading: “Let the 4th be with you”. Lily perfectly channeled our community’s dream that we might be able to somehow will a comeback on May 4th. If only our children’s wonderfully magical thinking could will us to a different place...a different time.

If you are a reader of fantasy, perhaps you are familiar with the unwitting hero of Lord of the Rings, Frodo Baggins. Without digressing too much, Frodo questions why he bears the burden of the circumstance set before him with the ring. He laments, “I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish this had never happened.” The wizard Gandalf with his extraordinary wisdom responds, “So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to do is to decide what to do with the time given to us.”

I grieve with you our losses during this time given to us. Yet, what has been revealed to me about our community helps me cope with the continued hard emotions we may share. Throughout our community and especially in our children, teachers, staff, and families is grace, adaptation, creativity, and resiliency. We are living a story our children and grandchildren will tell. I believe their stories will carry themes of faith in the boundless possibilities realized through the power of enduring solidarity and found hope during the most uncertain of times. This generation of children will also wonder at how masterfully the wise people in their lives supported them, teaching them the importance of caring for others above all else.

So, in this profound moment, we will continue to power forward with you in the weeks ahead. Remote learning resumes Monday and we graciously ask that you continue to support your child, mindful that it should not come at the cost of the social emotional well- being for your family. We encourage you to please reach out for support you may need from us with a promise that we can and will build solutions to the best of our creative imaginings. So much of this work is novel to all of us and we acknowledge that it’s far from perfect, therefore we can appreciate the remarkable efforts taking place and build solutions to our challenges at the same time.

Speaking with teachers, I can convey to you that it means a great deal to each teacher to hear from you. If you have not connected or checked in with your child’s teacher, please take a moment to send a short email expressing this is how we’re doing.

Finally, I also need you to know that our spring plans for traditions that are special and important to kids and families will be reimagined, wanting children to experience them in some form. We will need time and space to figure out all endeavors; and know we will keep you informed along the way. This certainly includes our 5th grade celebration.

For now, let's hang in there together... I wish you a relaxing weekend and endless creative ideas for social distancing that bring your family joy.

With respect and solidarity,

Donna Hutton, Principal

LPS School Closure

Posted April 21, 2020

Good Afternoon Staff and Families of LPS,

Sadly, but not unexpectedly, MA Governor Baker announced moments ago that all schools in Massachusetts will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic year.

This is troubling news that will require great sacrifice, but our steadfast commitment to each other will endure. I have no doubt that the strength of our learning community will continue to sustain us through this troubling period.

Thank you for your patience and support as we prepare direction and information in response to this announcement.


Marty O'Shea


Monday, April 20th, 2020

Hello Center School Families,

No time sensitive information in my message-just sharing new resources and some news to mark some important celebrations this week.

National Library Week is April 19th-25th, and a perfect week to shine the spotlight on Mrs. Mulcahy’s Library Media Remote Learning- from Patriot’s Day to Poetry Month to Earth Day-so many books and resources to enjoy! Additionally, Mrs. Mulcahy registered Center School for Tumble Book Library, which is another great resource if you want more access to ebooks and audiobooks. There’s graphic novels included in the library, too! Book levels span from kinder to 6th grade. No sign up needed! Username: Center Password: trial

Bedtime Read Aloud: The Scarecrow read by Mrs. Hutton

Earth Day Read Aloud: The Loraz read by Ms. Eaton

Earth Day April 22, 2020 While we’re learning from home, please remember to save any markers, pens, or crayons that run out or break. Once we return to school, we'll collect them so we can send them out for recycling! TREX Challenge: Center recycled 351 pounds for the first time entering the challenge! Thank-you to all participants and to Ms. Fritz for helping us to always remember to be “green” Cardinals for our earth!

100 Ways to Play from the Boston Children's Museum

I hope our students enjoyed lots of outdoor fun over the long weekend!


Donna Hutton, Principal

April 17, 2020

Dear Center School Families,

Just a Friday reminder that we will take a pause from remote learning on Monday, April 20th and again on Friday, April 24th. Teachers will be in touch on Tuesday morning, April 21st, with students’ plans for the three- day week.

Spring is blooming around us and I find my peace and solace in looking for these signs of hope. Much gratitude still coming your way from your entire Center family for your partnership and efforts.

Be well,

Donna Hutton, Principal

April 15th, 2020

Good Wednesday morning Center School Families,

No urgent messages except the TREX challenge...just some fun items for mid-week.

Yay, a mid-week Read Aloud/Sing Along story from Mrs. Morrisey!!

Murphy is so hungry these days just like all of us at home! Murphy's Hungry!

Here’s Ms. Vigna's Favorite Picks from the Scholastic Book Fair The Book Fair is open through April 19th.

Thank you to all who have participated in the Trex challenge! The total weight will be submitted on April 15, Wednesday evening at 8 pm. To date, we have recycled 299.8 pounds of plastic film/bags. I know that the plastic bag ban has been lifted due to the circumstances so there may be more out there. If you have any film or bags at home, please weigh them and send the weight to I have my child get on the scale and record the weight. I then have him get on the scale again holding the bags. I subtract the second weight from the first to get the weight of the plastic. Once you have sent me the weight, you can drop the bags off at the local Big Y or Stop and Shop. There are collection bins at the entrances and Trex picks the plastic up from there. Thank-you for your participation and your efforts to make the earth a cleaner place!

From Close Community: #ChalkofLongmeadow Longmeadow needs to see and feel the love! Let's keep "chalking" about how wonderful our community is and how proud we are to be neighbors in these difficult times. Break out the sidewalk chalk and write an inspirational message or draw a cheerful picture for everyone to see! Place your writing on the end of your driveway or your sidewalks so anyone walking or biking by can see.

No sidewalk chalk? No problem! Be creative with signs, drawings, etc. Or better yet, make your own chalk! Take photos of your messages and art work and post them on Instagram, Facebook, or twitter with the hashtag #ChalkOfLongmeadow. We'll collect all of the photos we see online each Sunday on until the stay-in-place is lifted and make a mosaic of all the things that make Longmeadow a safe, healthy, and happy place to live! Don't forget to support our brave and tireless healthcare workers, especially! There'll be some prizes for the most creative and most inspiring messages and art, so keep on chalking! PLEASE remember, avoid completing these projects in friend groups and please adhere to the social distancing guidelines.

Respectfully yours,

Donna Hutton, Principal

April 13, 2020

Good evening Center School Families,

As promised, the PTO brings you the Scholastic Virtual Book Fair! Enjoy browsing and shopping with your child until April 19th. Many thanks for your support of our PTO and hope you find some great new titles to add to your collections.

Here’s your Sunday Bedtime Read Aloud from Mrs. Palazzi. Sweet dreams to our Cardinals...I hope the celebrations of Easter were special.

Specials Website: Classroom Teachers will include this link on their remote learning platforms with reminders. Your child can include the special subject class with other remote learning tasks on the day they would have been scheduled for the special.

And just for parents and guardians :Some Good News: John Krasinski If you are a fan of The Office, you know John Krasinski and will likely enjoy his episodes! Episode 2 is not to be missed if you are a fan of Hamilton!

Be well and reach out to connect for anything at anytime.

Warm regards,

Donna Hutton, Principal

For Our Center School Cardinals

Posted April 9, 2020

Good morning Center School Community,

For our families observing Passover and Easter, may you find wonderful ways to celebrate hope and the promises of spring with the love and support of your family and friends.

I continue to be inspired by your commitment and resilience as we journey through one of the most challenging periods of our lifetimes together. Our promise is to continue to search for the best ways to teach our students and remain connected to their hearts and minds.

I’m sharing a video for you to enjoy with your child(ren) that includes a message from each member of your Center School family. I borrow from the lyrics in the soulful song that plays to express the collective sentiment from us:

Our lives, our dreams are closer than we think...

You are the light beneath the storm...

Our ongoing gratitude and respect for all you are balancing these days and for your extraordinary support for our educators. May the long weekend bring you many peaceful and joyful moments.

For Our Center School Cardinals

Respectfully yours,

Donna Hutton, Principal

*Huge shout out to our LHS colleagues who moved us to create our own video; and to Laura Giuggio and Karen Palazzi for their creative and loving efforts!!

LPS School Calendar

Posted April 9, 2020

Dear LPS Community,

On the afternoon of Friday, April 3, MA school districts received a notice from the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education offering districts the option to use part or all of the April vacation week to sustain learning and teacher-student connections. The announcement gives districts the option of “counting” remote learning days held over April vacation toward state Student Learning Time regulations. In effect, this new MA DESE interpretation means that for each day of instruction held from Tuesday, April 21 to Friday, April 24, the school year will be shortened by one day.

Tonight, the Longmeadow School Committee thoughtfully reviewed and approved a recommendation to schedule three remote learning days over April vacation. This approach will solidify new educational routines and nurture the remote learning connections that have been growing in recent weeks, while also protecting family time with two days off during the week. More specifically, remote learning will be scheduled Tuesday, April 21 through Thursday, April 23. Monday, April 20 (Patriots’ Day) and Friday, April 24 will be days off. This decision also means that the last day of school in Longmeadow will be rescheduled from Wednesday, June 24 to Friday, June 19. On a related note, staff and families should be aware that Friday, April 10 is also a day off from school.

Our goal throughout the closure period has been to prioritize the health and well being of all members of the Longmeadow Learning Community. As such, if the rescheduled remote learning days are not supportive of your child(ren)’s well-being or your family’s unique needs, please use your judgement about how your child(ren) approach the learning expectations and convey the need for flexibility to your child(ren)’s teachers or principal. As always, we respect families as our educational partners, as together we continue to face this crisis with great resolve and fortitude.


Marty O’Shea

Superintendent of Schools

Remote Learning from our "Specials" Teachers

Posted April 7, 2020

Good evening Center School Families,

Art, Library/Media, Music, PE, and Technology Integration are an important part of your child's day. We realize that your child is focused on the must do's from classroom teachers and perhaps work from our interventionists. That said, we want you to remind you that the special teachers are posting weekly lessons for your child to explore and to keep connected to them! There's some awesome activities on each site!!

A suggestion from the teachers is to go to the site on the day of the week that your child is scheduled for the particular special!

Here's the link to the website. I'll send a message on Mondays as a reminder for the week.

Thank-you and enjoy a peaceful evening.


Donna Hutton, Principal

April 5, 2020

Good Sunday afternoon Center School Families,

Teachers will be communicating with you, if they have not done so already, to provide the information you and your child need for remote learning in the time ahead. Special education teachers and specialists will be in touch with their families and students by Tuesday, April 7th. Thank-you for navigating through the messages from April 1st. We deeply appreciate and are in awe of your ongoing partnership during this disquieting time. Please continue to reach out to us with your feedback and insights.

Thank-you to Mrs. Goldman for tonight’s Bedtime/Anytime Read Aloud !

I’m excited to let you know that Mrs. Watson and our PTO are working to bring the Scholastic Book Fair to our students and families -virtually! Your child will be able to shop online for some new books to enjoy. More information is coming your way soon!

The sunshine Sunday was so wonderfully welcomed and needed. I hope you enjoyed some outdoor activities. Sending hopes for continued strength and well-being to all...


Donna Hutton, Principal

Family Letter Remote learning update April 1.docx

April 3, 2020

Good Friday morning Friends,

When we gather for all school assemblies, we sing favorite songs led by Mrs. Morrissey. Here's your Friday song/sing along for your child to enjoy -a favorite for years!! Perfect for a rainy Friday...we'll keep this on our read aloud page for you to revisit.

Do you let the light in?


Donna Hutton, Principal

April 1, 2020

Dear Elementary Families,

We wish to provide for you a follow up to Superintendent O’Shea’s communication on March 29th in which he conveyed the district’s plan to frame our students’ remote learning in a manner that will provide refinement in the following areas.

  1. Enhanced Structure: Your child’s Remote Learning will become more intentionally structured. We will adhere to the MA DESE recommendation that students engage in meaningful and productive learning for approximately half the length of a regular school day. We recognize that children need additional time for reviewing assignments and organizing their work. Additionally, it is expected that students have time for play, physical activity, and arts-based exploration. Teachers will provide “teacher directed learning” following these guidelines:

  • Reading: 30 -minute lesson minimum three times weekly.

  • Writing: 30- minute lesson minimum three times weekly.

  • Math: 30- minute lesson minimum three times weekly.

  • SS/Science: The current Learning Opportunities structure will continue that provides a student varied choice to reinforce, apply, and deepen prior learning.

  • Art; Music; PE; Library/Media, Technology: Minimum of three structured learning opportunities per week.

Note that lessons may be presented in many formats and include different components that encompasses 30 minutes.

II. Video Conferencing: Following the guidelines that were issued to families and staff on March 25, educators may have begun using Zoom or Google Meet as a tool to maintain essential teacher-student connections. These tools may be used prek-5, but the decision will be left to the discretion of the teacher. Therefore, lessons in the above areas may be pre-recorded or may be synchronous lessons.

Importantly, we recognize the confounding issues that abound in providing synchronous learning to our youngest students. Many teachers have recorded read alouds, morning meeting messages, and various other activities that help children maintain familiarity and connection to the routines of their school world. That said, we hold no expectation that teachers at this grade span will teach through synchronous lessons. If implemented, we trust teachers will utilize it as they deem developmentally appropriate for children and manageable to families.

III. New material and concepts: While teachers will continue to reinforce, apply, and deepen prior learning across curriculum areas, introduction of new material and concepts will begin. Teachers will collaborate with their grade level colleagues, interventionists, and special education teams to determine new and essential learning in reading, writing, and math creating a flexible scope and sequence that is mindful of the learning standards.

Teachers will inform families of the determined time that will be considered “protected time” to plan with colleagues. Teachers will not be available during this time frame although students will still have Learning Opportunities in place.

IV. Feedback/Assessment: In grades PreK-5, student demonstrations of learning will continue to be shared with the teacher, when practically possible. Additionally, teachers at each grade level will determine and include the number of must do’s each day in reading, writing, and mathematics. The must do’s will be assignments/tasks that teachers will use to provide more specific feedback to students as well as provide for teachers an assessment of learning. Many students are familiar with this term and will understand that the task must be completed prior to other learning opportunity choices.

V. Intervention: Reading and math specialists and tutors will begin more focused intervention with their current students next week. Families can anticipate additional contact from specialists with the necessary information to move forward next week.

VI. Special Education: Special education services will continue, framed with new guidelines. The Longmeadow Public School District has been closely tracking state and federal advisories on how to provide equity and access for all learners. Longmeadow will continue to provide a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) to all students. Working collaboratively, principals, classroom educators, and special education teachers will provide resources, supports and services to ensure access and continuity of learning. Families can anticipate additional contact from special education teachers with the necessary information to move forward next week.

VII. Timeline: We know that families may have seen evidence of the shift described above this week, but plans will not be fully operational until Monday, April 6th, the end date of the original closure period that shaped our initial plans. We kindly ask for your patience as plans take shape. Plans will look slightly different at each grade span as teachers will be mindful of developmentally appropriate ways to facilitate learning in the most optimal way possible under these historical circumstances.

Our educators commit to continue and maintain strong and ongoing communication with families that demonstrates responsiveness to unique needs. As elementary school communities and as a district we are mindful of the disorienting circumstances that we find ourselves and we strive to demonstrate empathy, flexibility, and support to our students and families. We also strive to bring a semblance of normalcy to your child’s school world through our practices and decision making, knowing we provide a sense of familiarity, security, and comfort.

It is critical to us that students continue learning through these guidelines if they are motivated by their work. However, if at any point the learning becomes a struggle for your child or you, please pause, and contact your child’s teacher.

We encourage and welcome your insights and feedback in the days ahead. We send you our deepest wishes for the continued well -being of our precious students and of you our families.

Respectfully yours,

Donna Hutton, Principal Beth Nelson, Principal Amy Stec, Principal

Center School Wolf Swamp Road School Blueberry Hill School

Attach: March 16th Remote Learning Guidelines

Copy of Family Letter

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

Good Wednesday morning Center Families,

Just a few news items for you and our young friends this morning.

Ms. Fritz wants you to know the TREX challenge ends April 15th. Families can report the weight of any bags they are collecting and she will add it to Center’s total. The total now for Center is 299 lbs- woohoo!! Great job Center recycling!

Here is a Virtual Tribute to Tomie de Paola, a beloved author and illustrator of nearly 300 books, created by Mrs. Mulcahy.

Wednesday’s Bedtime/Anytime Read Aloud ! Thanks Mrs. Brydges!

Well, Murph is a busy boy and keeping his person quite active. Look what he’s up to this week! Murphy at School!!

Continue to check out Ms. Gauthier’s and Mrs. Capotosto’s site for ideas to stay active and keep fit! PE At Home Learning

We’re still loving the cardinals! Keep them coming and don’t forget to place the picture in your window!


Donna Hutton, Principal

“Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

March 30, 2020

Hello Center Families,

With some rainy days ahead this week, you may need a Plan C on some days. If your child has introduced you to or you are aware of the sometimes-mind-numbing capacity of You Tube, here’s one of many other places to visit that provides a wealth of material for learning at home. Mark Rober is ex-NASA and offers a new video every month where he sets a challenge, researches and builds. What kid can resist a science class that explores why the sky is blue or if farting makes you weigh less...It is a brilliant launchpad for science/engineering exploration and learning. Mark Rober

Math Engaged is filled with fun card games! All you need is a deck of cards!

Here’s your Bedtime/Anytime Read Aloud to start the week! Center Read Aloud Library offers a wide- ranging choice of read alouds from your Center family.

Mrs. Goldman's Blog is updated with art activities and lessons for all grade levels.

There is something about being at home that makes us all want to eat more and kids may want to empty the entire fridge before morning snack. Some tips to deal with this:

  • Continue to pack lunchboxes so everyone knows what they have for the day

  • Leave out snacks in a central location for grazing

  • Leave ingredients and a recipe to help keep kids busy and fill them up

  • Rotate who creates the daily meal the whole family will eat from what’s available in your staples.

Keep those beautiful Cardinal pictures coming our way!! When you walk, the pictures will be found in home windows and on windows in the front of the school.

Reminder from Superintendent O’Shea: Beginning Friday, students in grades 3-12, whose parents have not withheld permission, may be invited to Zoom or Google Meet sessions. Parents/Guardians and educators should note that staff may use their own professional judgment when deciding if and when Google Meet or Zoom are appropriate to use during the closure period. Each platform must be used within the March 16 “Guidelines for Remote Learning” primarily to

  • maintain appropriate teacher-student relationships and social-emotional connections.

  • explain or enhance learning opportunities that teachers have developed.

  • monitor student progress or student understanding of the learning opportunities that have been developed.

Also remember that we are “staying the course” with the Guidelines for Remote Learning issued on March 16th while DESE guidelines are thoughtfully reviewed.

Finally, continue to remember to do whatever your child needs to feel safe and secure during this disorienting time and know we are here to help. During google meets with teachers, I learned that they will reach out to individual families whom they have not heard from in some manner in the past two weeks. Thank-you for any reassuring return messages.

Be well.

Donna Hutton, Principal

March 27, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians...

I walk almost daily at the Quabbin, which is very close to my home. It’s peaceful and provides the quieting of my mind that we all search for of late. A mom and daughter hand in hand were walking to the side of me and the small child broke the silence and asked her mom, “When will it be gone?” Mom questioned, “When will what be gone?” “The virus thing,” she answered. Without missing a beat her mom said, “We’re making the best of it right? Let’s look for the eagle today.” And off they went...sidling up more closely, hand in hand... sure of each other.

Well, life as we know it is upended...I’m confident that the May 4th date prompted hard emotions for all, hard emotions that are common these days...

We think of parents and guardians and caretakers in our school world constantly-as much as we think of the children. Teachers and families share stories with me about what our students’ days may look like; and the stories can be funny and contrastively poignant as you grapple with the demands of this moment.

So, Friday’s message is to say that You are champions to us. Champions if you are essential workers and you have to figure out and structure days for your child without your physical presence. Champions if you are compelled to work from home and help with your kids’ passwords and platforms, meltdowns and calmness, quiet moments and boisterous moments, creative activities, padlets, flipgrid, google classroom...

You also continually navigate the complexity of physical distancing. I know you understand that your child may be experiencing profound loss as you recreate as best as possible the familiarity and comfort of his/her social world. All of this is such arduous and loving work. Such balance each and every day. Days are likely filled with questions with unknown answers like the mom with her precious child at the Quabbin. I’m also keenly aware of the financial burdens that have or may evolve as the days move ahead. I strongly encourage you to reach out to me if this burden is something we might be able to assist you with or perhaps point you in the appropriate direction. I promise the outreach will be discreet.

I offer no platitudes at the end of this second week physically away from the community we all love. I also have no assured list of recommendations that will work well for every family as we continue efforts to help you help your child with learning opportunities.

But please always remember that we get it...your circumstances will determine what your child’s day looks like and the learning opportunities chosen...and there simply is no right or wrong or best practice or need to worry that you are not doing enough, because your best in the moment is enough.

When we are physically together again, the educators in your child’s life WILL help your child at whatever place we land. And I will sustain my hope that we will land softly at the end. Building solutions to help our students meet success when we return is our ongoing work and our commitment to you. Tacit in all our messaging is our deep gratitude for your patience and partnership as remote learning continues and evolves. And no hesitations please to provide us with your story to help us with our work.

Finally, to you our Champions: As you steel yourselves for the weeks ahead, I encourage you and hope and pray that you practice radical self -care each day, radical care for your child’s emotional health above allelse. We are here for you and for our students and wish you continued well -being and resilience.

...Donna Hutton, Principal

March 26th, 2020

Hello Center School Families,

What a beautiful day to enjoy some outdoor time adhering to critical social norms that will continue to keep your family and vulnerable members of our community strong and healthy.

Just a short message to remind you that tomorrow is a Cardinal spirit day. Families can send teachers and me pictures of stripes and polka dots day! If your child wants to dress up a favorite “lovey” or favorite stuffed animal, include them in your photos.

Thank-you and be well.

Donna Hutton, Principal

March 25, 2020

Good Wednesday morning Center School Friends,

Today is a perfect day for a special hello from Murphy with his tail -wagging positivity! Enjoy!

Murphy Says Hello

Murphy Goes Hiking

We begin today to share a "Wednesday" Bedtime/Anytime Read Aloud...don’t forget to revisit weekly favorites as you listen to our new additions.

Wednesday Read Aloud

Keep those Cardinal pictures coming our way. We love the expressions of creativity and especially love seeing cardinals in windows when we drive/walk safely and responsibly around our community. You’ll also see the pictures hanging on Center School's front windows in the days ahead...

More messaging to come later today...


Donna Hutton, Principal

March 23, 2020

Good Monday morning Center School Families,

What a beautiful weekend for walks and bike rides; and I hope you found lots of creative ways to enjoy the outdoors.

While we responsibly practice physical distancing to keep our families safe and well, we want to continue to find creative ways to keep us “connected” to our school community and even continue to show Center School spirit.

This week and beyond, when your child has a moment for some artistic fun, please suggest that he/she draw a Cardinal with a positive word or message and place the drawing on a front window. When students safely take their walks/bike rides with their family, they will see the positive and spirited messages from Center friends around neighborhoods. Also, if possible, take a picture of the drawing and send it to me or to your child’s teacher to use in our messages. We look forward to seeing many unique cardinals, bright and cheerful across the town.

Here's messaging from our special teachers.

Children's Authors doing Read Alouds & Activities

From PE: Hello Center School Cardinals! We wanted to say hello and hope you are enjoying the fun and creative websites and fitness activities we've provided while you are learning from home. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or if you've found a fitness related website or app that you think we would enjoy. We would also be interested in getting some pictures of how you are being active. We'd love to see those smiling faces! Missing you all. Take care. Mrs. Capotosto & Mrs. Gauthier

From Art: Check out Mrs. Goldman's Blog for some art activities and ideas.

From Music: Mrs. Morrisey's Movement Share

From Mrs. Mulcahy: Ideas from Library

Be well,

Donna Hutton, Principal

Bedtime Read Aloud

Posted March 22, 2020

Hello Center School Community...

Here’s your Bedtime Read Aloud...After the Fall by Dan Santat.

Have a peaceful evening...


Donna Hutton, Principal

March 20th, 2020

Good morning Center School Families,

Today begins the first full day of spring, a season of newness and hope. Here’s a Spring Read Aloud to enjoy. As the days meld into each other, I hope you find a way to make the approaching weekend a rejuvenating time, while keeping strong and safe.

Teachers are maintaining ongoing contact with one another and with me. Our administrative team communicates daily. Like everyone who is responsibly maintaining social distancing, our communication helps us feel connected to our school world and remain responsive to you. I know teachers are reaching out to you, our families, in many different ways to help you navigate the Learning Opportunities. Teachers are also creating appropriate, acceptable, and impressively creative ways to stay connected with your child. That said, it is very important for us to continue to hear from you, so many thanks for the feedback and questions coming our way. As your child settles into school days at home, we will do what we reasonably can accomplish to ease any challenges you may be facing.

I remind you to continue to check websites and your emails for updates from Center and from the district. We’ll send resources your way and all School Messengers can be found on Center’s website for your review. Center School Website

Have a peaceful day...Perhaps a rainy Friday is a good day for a Virtual Field Trip.

Yours respectfully,

Donna Hutton, Principal

March 19, 2020

Good morning Center School Families,

Our 5th grade announcers begin each day at Center with messages... the Pledge of Allegiance, birthdays, moment of silence, and a “thought for the day”. On Fridays, many students wait for the “Friday” song, which is usually a dance/movement song. Here’s a song for your child to enjoy tomorrow morning: Piano Guys: Friday Song And here's a site to choose a poetry minute any day and any time: Poetry Minute for Elementary Kids

I’m sharing with you a link with resources for supporting students and parents around issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially related to our school closings. The document is sectioned into categories: resources for parents and teachers, resources for elementary school students, middle school students, high school students, and general mental health supports. This resource reflects the collective dedication, care and commitment of our social workers and school adjustment counselors. My sincerest appreciation to Mrs. Connery and her colleagues for their collaborative efforts, as we know this will benefit our entire learning community.

Support Resources (icon located under parent tab on our school website page)

Support Resources for Families and Teachers

If you feel you may have missed any of my communications, we post all messages on the Center School website:

As always, please don't hesitate to reach out for any reason... Your Center School community misses you and sends our wishes for continued strength and well- being to all.


Donna Hutton, Principal