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Summer Reading Information

posted Jun 20, 2017, 4:14 PM by Laura Giuggio   [ updated Jun 20, 2017, 6:43 PM ]
Many Books, One Community...Building a Better World

Greetings Elementary School Families,

We are excited to share with you the transformation of our traditional summer reading endeavor “One Book, One Community”!    We know that the single summer activity that is most strongly and consistently related to summer learning is reading!  Research also shows us that the amount of free reading done outside of school enhances vocabulary development, reading comprehension, language skills, and a student’s knowledge of his/her world. 

This summer we present to our community:  Many Books, One Community!  We ask that you join us in supporting and encouraging your child to choose and read many many books this summer, exploring self-selected topics!  We also encourage families to join in the endeavor by  reading with and reading to their child throughout the summer months. 

Our elementary school communities focus is not only on academics but on growing caring and empathetic students.  We will share Storrs Library’s summer reading program theme- Building a Better World. The Storrs Library staff is excited to assist your child with reading choices.

We are expecting our students to come to school on the first day bursting with excitement about their summer reads. Students will be prepared to share the one-or perhaps two!- favorite summer books with their new teacher and with their peers.  Attached is a list of possible ways your child may share his/her book as well as some possible titles.   Students may choose an activity from the list or come up with their own idea!  

As you explore with your child the boundless choices of books, we share with you an important point to consider. Being read to or reading in isolation does not by itself automatically lead to strong literacy development and broader learning.  The real link seems to lie in the verbal interaction that occurs between adult and child, and child to child before, during and after story reading.  

We applaud you in your efforts to support us as we grow our students into lifelong readers who love and cherish the opportunity to get lost in a good story!

LPS  Elementary School Communities

Summer Reading Choices:

Book talks- Give a book talk about your favorite read.
Book Review- Share a book review with your class.
Musical Book Share- Quickly share a book with a partner (2 minutes) and then rotate a few times
Book Commercial- Record a commercial about their favorite book
Make Bookmarks- Create bookmark to go with a book for the next reader who reads it
Make Book Cover- Make a cover that would make other students interested in the book
Book Swap- Bring a favorite book, borrow a favorite book
Genre List- Keep tally list of summer books read in different genres (bar graph, pie chart, line plot)
Read Cliffhangers- Share with class a “cliffhanger” from the book you read without giving it away
Guess My Book- Write 3 clues about book and have students guess what book you are talking about.
Buddy Book- Plan with a friend to read the same book and then discuss.
Pick An Emoji- Pick an emoji to go with the book and explain why in a few sentences
If I Could Be Any Character- Share which character you would be and why- dress up?
Me As a Reader- Make a collage of who you are as a reader
Poster: Create a poster of your favorite summer read.
Any way to share is acceptable!

Happy summer reading!!

Laura Giuggio,
Jul 6, 2017, 7:35 AM