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Procedures: Drop Off and Pick Up, Carline

posted Aug 27, 2015, 3:13 PM by Laura Giuggio   [ updated Sep 5, 2015, 10:04 AM ]
Hello Center School Families!

Here’s procedural information to help with drop off and pick up.

First Day of School: ALL students and families gather on the playground in the back of the school. Look for teachers’ names on signs for line up. Bike racks are on the playground. Bell tolls at 8:30 AM!

Please review the family “pick up” plan with your child.  Kindly reinforce with your child that he/she returns to the school office if a family member is not at the meeting spot. Students must never leave school grounds to venture home or leave with a friend if it’s not the family plan.           


Students may not play on the playground at dismissal unless supervised by a parent. This rule is for the safety of our students. 

Arrival: 8:30 AM (after first day)

  • Doors open at 8:30 AM
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th: Students line up on sidewalk and enter main building
  • K, 1st, 5th:Students line up on esplanade; Students escorted to esplanade by 5th grade safeties.

Dismissal: 2:45

  • Kinder, 1st Grade, 5th grade: Exit the esplanade doors. There will be signs at the top of esplanade where “walking” families meet their kinder and first grade child. PLEASE do not stand in the front of the doorways!  Teachers escort carline students to the pick up line. Bikers walk with teacher to back of school.
  • 3rd grade: Exit Longfellow Street doors. Two teachers escort bikers to playground; two teachers escort students to carline. 
  • 2nd   grade, 4th   gradeExit main entrance doors. Teachers will escort bikers to playground. Students wait on carline.

Your child’s teacher will walk through dismissal with her class on day one. Students will no longer exit side and rear doors-only assigned exit doors named above with teachers. We hope this procedure will enhance our students’ safety at the end of the day. 

Carline Procedures

Our carline drop off and pick up is an integral procedure at Center School. The carline procedures were developed with the safety and well being of our students and families as the central goal.  When a driver in the carline chooses to disregard the procedure, the choice compromises the safety of our children. 

Students should not enter or exit a car except directly in front of the school where our safeties and staff are positioned.

•    Please do not create a second carline alongside the primary carline that’s formed, waiting to cut into the line. 

•    Drive your vehicle all the way to the furthermost point in the carline before stopping. 

•    Children enter and exit from the passenger side of the vehicle.

•   Kindly do not cut off or cut in front of drivers at any point in the carline, especially while families wait patiently to move forward.

•    Please do not park in the designated carline area during drop off and pick up times. 

•    NEVER allow your child to cross the street at points where there is no crosswalk, even if you are waiting on the other side.

•    Please be alert and refrain from cell phone use in the carline.

The drop off pick up time can be an especially hectic yet distinctive time of the day because of our neighborhood school; therefore we need your cooperation, courtesy, and patience. Let’s work together to ensure the ongoing safety of our students! 

Summer work at Center

There’s been significant work completed at Center School this summer. Our school looks stunning!

  • Esplanade concrete ramps repaired 
  • Concrete repairs on the rear stairs
  • Interior painting completed: foyer and hallway
  • 12 classrooms moved 
  • Pavers replaced on the esplanade
  • Paving of our playground!! Looks beautiful!!

Our maintenance crew and the town maintenance have done a phenomenal job maintaining the beauty of our school.

Many of you may have seen the work being done on our grassy field. After sharing concerns with Geoffrey McAlmond, Interim DPW Director, the sod was scooped up because it was discovered that the subsoil was not allowing a root system to develop.  The sod was installed as part of the playground renovation that was completed less than two years ago. It appears that a re -sod is needed because of the initial installation. The DPW moved forward with improving the subsoil as they work to determine the cause of the problems; and new sod was put down today.  Students will remain off the field until further notice.

Reminder to new families who have not visited the school that the Principal tour is tomorrow morning. Kinder tour at 11:30. Teachers will not be here to greet families. 

Kind regards,

Donna Hutton