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New Dismissal Procedure - Please Read

posted Sep 12, 2014, 5:38 AM by Laura Giuggio

Greetings Center Families,

The safety and well being of each student in our community is my priority.  Procedures are established mindful of the expansiveness of the Center School campus; and Center School educators work to be both responsive to and proactive about safety concerns.

The Center School Safety /Crisis Team has developed changes to our dismissal procedure that we feel will increase the safety and efficiency of pick up time. Please read the following carefully. We will implement the changes beginning September 15th.  The changes will be reviewed weekly to determine if there’s a marked improvement at dismissal.

Information for All Community Members:

  • Arrival time is 8:30. Dismissal time is 2:45.
  • Teachers will form two lines outside classrooms at the end of the day: Playground and Carline
  • Families should discuss the dismissal plan with their child. Students in all grades should know who is picking him/her up and which dismissal line to join. In the event of an emergency, students should understand that they would ALWAYSreturn to the office. PLEASE make sure your child understands NEVER to venture off school grounds if someone is not at the designated spot for pick up.
  • Adults meeting a child who is walking should wait on either side at the bottom of the esplanade or on the playground. If you wait on the top of the esplanade for a kinder child, PLEASE wait close to the railings where you do not block exits.
  • We are requesting that parents do not wait on the grassy area or sidewalk directly in front of the main building.  Only carline students will be in the front of the school and these students will wait on the tree belt.


  • Please make a sign with your child’s last name and place it on the side window of your car. It should be large and colorful enough for us to read.
  • Teachers will escort carline students (and students in after school programs) to the front of the school. They will exit through the front doors and the esplanade doors.
  • Carline students will wait on the tree belt with grade level peers. It will be easy to spot your child because you’ll see the grade level sign held by a safety. This will also help us easily locate students as cars arrive.

Bikers and Walkers

  • All bikers and students whose families wait on the playground to walk home will travel with the Playground line and will exit doors closest to the back of the school, escorted by teachers.
  • Students may not play on the playground after school unless an adult family member is present to supervise.

If a child is unsure of the family plan at the end of the day (which might occasionally happen!)  he/she will be escorted to the carline to wait on the tree belt.

I extend my appreciation for your full cooperation next week. Let’s work together to implement the new procedure with optimism and teamwork.



Donna Hutton, Principal

Laura Giuggio,
Sep 12, 2014, 5:41 AM