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New Arrival / Dismissal Information

posted Aug 25, 2016, 1:01 PM by Laura Giuggio
Dear Center School Families, 

Please read the arrival and dismissal details carefully to help ensure the safety of our students.

We encourage you to review bicycle and walking safety with your child. Please remind your child to be considerate of walkers when riding their bikes. 

We strongly encourage you to develop and discuss the family pick up plan with your child i.e., where to meet at the end of the day, pick up on the carline, etc. It’s also extremely important for you to remind your child to stick with the family plan; the plan should never be changed without parent knowledge. 

Finally, we suggest you place emergency contact information in a visible place on your child’s backpack.  There’s some great tags available that attach to backpacks.

First Day: We’ll see everyone on the playground at 8:30 AM. The bell will toll to signal the start of our new year!!  Teachers will be on the playground; look for signs with teacher’s name and you’ll know where your child should line up.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures after Day One:

Arrival: 8:30 AM

Grades 2, 3, 4: Enter through the main doors

Grades K,1,5: Enter through esplanade doors –gymnasium side.

5th grade safeties will walk kinder and first grade students to their classrooms.

All bikers park bikes on the bike racks on the playground. Please do not park bikes near the entrance gate.  

Bikers walk up Longfellow to the front of the school and enter through appropriate entrances. Students should never walk up the back stairwell in the morning. We do not have supervision in this area.

Bikers should not travel the driveway on the side of the gymnasium. This area poses a serious safety issue as cars enter here for the back parking lot; there’s blind spots and the sidewalk does not wrap around the driveway. 

Dismissal: 2:45

Grades 2, 4: Exit main entrance

Grade 3: exit Longfellow Street door

Grade K, 1, 5: esplanade doors gymnasium side.

Teachers will escort their classes to the carline and to the playground.

Kinder and grade 1 families : If you meet your child on the esplanade, please stand near the railings away from doorways. We appreciate when you do not block the exit doors and/or the walkway to the esplanade as teachers have many students to walk in lines to appropriate spots.  

I met with our safety officer Sergeant Carl Mazzaferro. He’ll be with us the first week of school assessing our procedures. 

Our carline procedure can be found in the Family Handbook

You’ll find lots of helpful information in your handbook. 

As always, contact me with any questions.



Donna Hutton, Principal