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Letter from Mrs. Hutton, Principal

posted Apr 17, 2015, 8:04 AM by Laura Giuggio

Happy Friday Center School Families,

It’s been an eventful month at Center and I extend my appreciation to many community members for their efforts for our students.

  • Science Night: Elisabeth Therrien, Lamis Jarvinen, Michael Barresi and their teams of helpers from Smith College and PSI coordinated and facilitated an evening of science exploration. The turn out and the feedback have been fantastic!!
  • Valerie Fritz and Karen Rafferty brought the Read to Feed program to our community. The accomplishments and the enduring impact of our students’ efforts are inspiring. I hope your child enjoyed the visits from Lavender, Winston, the baby wallaby, and of course Snuggy the Tegu. When you drop by the school, check out the plaque we received from Heifer International, which will hang in a place of honor in the office. Keep your child reading during our break and beyond-the rewards are immeasurable.
  • The 5th grade chorus sang a beautiful song at our Read to Feed assembly-led by chorus members! Alex Lam and Sam Mard played cello and violin for us as well. The chorus practiced without Mrs. Drysdale; and gave their time and effort to enhance our celebration. The performance was dedicated to Heifer, our students, and to Mrs. Drysdale who will begin her maternity leave today. We wish her the best as she welcomes her daughter into her family. Mrs. Drysdale will return in September.
  • Helping Hands: The 2nd and 4th grade students made 1010 sandwiches- a new record for the effort!  Amy Nedwed and her entire family continue to give their time to facilitate the monthly efforts, which are now a Center School tradition.
  • LongMeddowe Days: Chris Regan and the PTO will coordinate a Center School contingency to represent us at the parade. Mark your calendars and stay tuned!
  • Redistricting: Rachel Axtmann, Deb Diana, Elisabeth Therrien, Armand Wray, and Julia Longo serve on the district committee. The process is complex and emotional.  It is becoming more likely than not that we will have the honor of welcoming Blueberry Hill students and families from Plan A to our community. While the School Committee will make the final decision on May 11th, I’m excited to work with our community to create a transition that is extraordinarily student focused and reassuring to families. We are fortunate that Blueberry children may join us; and I am confident that our community will extend the finest welcome… mindful of what we would want for our own children.

I wish the entire Center School community a wonderful spring break.  I hope you don’t tire of hearing from me how fortunate I feel to lead the Center School Cardinals.  The collective vision for our students' learning and growth is astonishing- and just look what we are accomplishing!

I look forward to sharing the end-of-year happenings with you!

With appreciation,

Donna Hutton, Principal