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Cold Weather Reminders

posted Oct 19, 2015, 6:01 AM by Laura Giuggio
Dear Families,

​Brrr...This is a gentle reminder about our dress code for cold weather days. You may find the following  in the Center School Family Handbook:
  • The students are expected to dress appropriately for cold weather days. We will have outdoor recess unless the temperatures and/or the wind chill factor are such that it is determined to be unsafe or unwise to do so. Generally, 20 degrees or colder is considered to be the threshold. Students must have coats, hats, gloves, boots [during snowy conditions], and long pants to play outside in cold weather. If it is determined that a student is not dressed appropriately and/or safely for the weather, we will provide indoor recess for the student. 

  • If your child likes to wear shorts during the cold weather months, please make sure he/she has long pants for outdoor recess. Coats are necessary for outdoor recess when the temperature drops as it did today. 

  • Arrival: We let the students into the school building at 8:30 AM. Many students are being dropped off early-some as early as 8:00 AM. Please drop you child off as close to 8:30 AM as possible. We do not have supervision before 8:30AM. 5th grade Safeties do not have to be at school before 8:25.  

Thank-you for your support of the dress code for cold weather days and for our arrival time.

Lost and Found items are growing. Please be sure your child's name can be found on all items so we can return them. 



Donna Hutton