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posted Dec 1, 2014, 1:32 PM by Laura Giuggio   [ updated Jan 4, 2015, 12:21 PM ]
Dear Center School Families:

Our carline drop off and pick up is an integral procedure at Center School. The carline procedures were developed with the safety and well being of our students and families as the central goal.  When a driver in the carline chooses to disregard the procedure, the choice compromises the safety of our children. I need to emphasize that I have little control over families who choose to disregard the procedure. The LPD recently reviewed our procedure and agree that if all families abide by our plan, our carline will be as efficient and safe as possible. 

Please review the following:

•    It is not acceptable to create a carline pick up or drop off at any undesignated area: in front of the gym, spots along the carline route, on Longfellow Drive, etc. Students should not enter or exit a car except directly in front of the school where our safeties are positioned.
•    Please do not create a second carline alongside the primary carline that’s formed, waiting to cut into the line. 
•    Drive your vehicle all the way to the furthermost point in the carline before stopping. 
•    Children enter and exit from the passenger side of the vehicle.
•    Longfellow Street: If you park and pick up your child in the back of the school, please do not head to the front of the school to exit. When cars cut into Longmeadow Street from Longfellow, crossing our busiest crosswalk, it significantly disrupts the carline and increases congestion.
•    PLEASE do not cut off or cut in front of drivers at any point in the carline , especially while families wait patiently to move forward.
•    Do not park in the designated carline area during drop off and pick up times. 
•    NEVER allow your child to cross the street at points where there is no crosswalk , even if you are waiting on the other side.

•    Please be alert and refrain from cell phone use in the carline.

The drop off pick up time can be an especially hectic yet distinctive time of the day because of our neighborhood school; therefore we need your cooperation, courtesy,  and patience. I hope these reminders  help ensure the ongoing safety of our students, especially during the winter months.



Donna Hutton