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Afternoon Playground Issues - Please Read

posted Oct 21, 2015, 5:02 PM by Laura Giuggio

Dear Families,

Please be reminded of the following procedures at dismissal. Students who ride bikes need to go to the playground, pick up his/her bike, and ride home immediately  at dismissal time.  Students are not allowed to remain on the playground to play unless there is a parent present to supervise. 

If you are supervising your child after school, they should not begin to play a kick ball game or a basketball game until after the bikers have a chance to leave the playground area. It has been chaotic and unsafe recently when students start games before the bikers have a chance to safely leave. 

All bikers need to walk their bikes until after they're past the driveway near the gymnasium. 

Please help us to reinforce the playground procedures with your child(ren) to maintain a safe and orderly procedure.


Donna Hutton, Principal